Judy Brown

Art was the perfect answer for me to the ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’. I started with watercolor and pen & ink. Next I dabbled with oil and acrylic. I took a break from art and published a book (along with my husband) titled “Faces in the Rocks: A Spiritual Journey”. It was selected as one of the top 50 books of 2007 by the Rocky Mountain News.

Not sure which direction to take next, my kids sparked my interest in digital art. After getting past the steep learning curve I was hooked. I created a line of Greeting Cards, Postcards, Refrigerator Magnets & Prints in a series titled ‘Peace of Mind/Pass It On’. This series can be found on this website JSBrownStudios.com. I am hoping people will use these products to connect, inspire, support, & encourage one another. It’s all about setting intentions and then taking action in order to create a better life for yourself. The cards make great visual reminders and will hopefully keep you on track moving forward.

Zen Doodle Coloring Book: Peace of Mind was my first coloring book. Doodling & coloring are both super ways to relax your frame of mind. I have published more Coloring Books & Greeting Cards, Postcards, Flexible Magnets, & Posters in a Series titled ‘Zen Doodle Nature Girls’. These products can be found at JSBrownArt.com. I hope people will use these cards to promote kindness and to keep their social connections alive.

Another series I am working on is titled ‘Peaceful Solutions Be Kind’. I hope people will share these products with others in order to create a better world. Community and social connections are so important for our well being. You can check out this series at PSBeKind.com.

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