1) Why sign up for ZAZZLE Plus to get free shipping?

When you sign up for Zazzle Plus you get a 30 day FREE trial.

If you decide to keep Zazzle Plus it’s $19.95 unlimited FREE shipping on every order in any store for a full year.

Plus $10.00 shopping credit after first order.

At the end of the year they will send you an Email asking if you want to renew Zazzle Black shipping.

2) Why sign up for GET EXCLUSIVE OFFERS at the bottom of the store page?

You can receive up to 50% off items. They offer sales on cards quite often, so that’s when you will want to place your order. You will get an email notification of the sale. Don’t hesitate to sign up.

3) Just a few things to know before placing your order.

When you click on an item to place an order look to the right for choices offered.
A) Make sure the quantity box is correct.
B) Paper Type. These designs print best on semi-gloss papers, however matte might be better for writing messages. it’s your choice.

4) Where can you buy stamps?
Grocery Stores
Office Supply Stores
USPS store online

Be a “Daymaker“.

Order POSTCARDS & start mailing them out today.
Buy several & just start sharing them with others.
You can make a difference one card at a time.

An actual card is permanent.

Buy ‘Peace Of Mind’_merchandise

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