Sharing hope, peace, love, inspiration & possibilities one card at a time.
Creating social networks of like-minded people.
People who want to help create a more peaceful world.
People who want to promote kindness.

Begin setting your intentions today!
Order several cards (over 50 to choose from) and share them with your friends.

Set Your Intentions

Inspire, support, connect, and encourage your friends in a light-hearted way. Take time to watch the slideshow to see many of the Intention Cards along with the message inside of the cards. Even if you can't purchase the cards be sure to forward the videos to your friends. The slideshow alone might brighten their day. Promote Kindness! Preview of Intentions Journal Coloring Book is included. WATCH SLIDESHOWS»


When you go to the store sign up to 'Get Exclusive Offers' (located at the bottom of the store page). 50% SALES are common and that is when you will want to place an order. When you place your first order check out ZAZZLE BLACK regarding SHIPPING OPTIONS for a 30 day trial free shipping. These cards print best on bright white semi-gloss finish. I suggest you choose that option. Go to STORE»


COLORING BOOKS are now available at 'Intention Journal_Peace of Mind/Pass It' One & Two as well as 'Nature Girls Coloring Books' can be found there. All of the coloring books contain positive messages. They make wonderful gifts for friends and family. Take time to check them out! Amazon»
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