Judy Brown_Artist, Publisher, Illustrator

I grew up in a family with two sisters. My parents were great and we had a lot of quality family time together. Thank you Mom & Dad.

I married an amazing man & together we raised two wonderful sons. Having kids…a family…definitely the highlight of my life.

Now, with the support of my husband, I get to be an artist. I enjoy different mediums: watercolor, pen & ink and acrylic. I enjoy the limitless creative freedoms digital art has to offer.

In 2007 my husband and I created & self-published a book called ‘Faces In The Rocks’. This was a massive undertaking and taught me a lot about the book publishing industry. It was chosen by the Rocky Mountain News as one of  ‘The Top Books of 2007’.

Since 2007 I have been creating art that I hope will be used by people to inspire, support, encourage and to stay connected to one another. We all need to do our part in creating a world filled with kindness. Sending a card in the mail to someone is a small gesture that can make a big difference in the life of someone who is feeling lonely or disconnected. It will be a permanent reminder to them that they are not alone and someone cares. I hope you will join me in fighting the epidemic of loneliness & disconnection. Start mailing out or just handing out cards to others.  It will make their day. United or divided…It’s a choice.

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